Q&A with Cann’s Jake Bullock

Jake is the Co-founder of Cann, a cannabis-infused social tonic that provides a refreshing social buzz without the baggage of alcohol. Briefly introduce us to Cann and your journey to founding the company. Cann is a microdose cannabis-infused beverage designed especially for social experiences.  Conventionally, alcohol has been the primary social beverage.  Cann is notContinue reading “Q&A with Cann’s Jake Bullock”

Q&A with New Age Meats’ Brian Spears

Brian is the Co-founder & CEO of New Age Meats, a cultured meat company that makes meat from animal cells instead of animal slaughter. Briefly introduce us to New Age Meats and your journey to founding the company.  New Age Meats is a cultivated meat company that makes meat without slaughter.  My background is inContinue reading “Q&A with New Age Meats’ Brian Spears”

Q&A with Wildtype Food’s Justin Kolbeck

Justin Kolbeck is the Co-founder & CEO of Wildtype Foods, a cell-based meat and seafood company. Briefly introduce us to Wildtype and your journey to founding the company.  We started Wildype in 2016 and were in the first generation of cell cultured meat and seafood companies.  It started off as just the two of us,Continue reading “Q&A with Wildtype Food’s Justin Kolbeck”

Q&A with CircleUp’s Joe Hovde

Joe Hovde is an equity analytics data scientist at CircleUp, a venture capital firm and technology platform focused on consumer goods. Briefly explain to us the responsibilities of your current role.  I work as a data analyst on our internal VC fund. I sit within the venture group and serve as the liaison between theContinue reading “Q&A with CircleUp’s Joe Hovde”

Q&A with Steep’t Cocktails’ Alison Nathanson

Alison is the Co-founder of Steep’t Cocktails, a new category in the cocktail space making dehydrated cocktails in teabag format. It’s a “near-ready-to-drink” product that can make your favorite drink in two minutes or less. Briefly introduce us to how you came to found Steep’t.  Chloe, my Co-founder, and I met the first night atContinue reading “Q&A with Steep’t Cocktails’ Alison Nathanson”

Q&A with The Farmer’s Dog’s Michael Goldman

Michael Goldman was the second hire at The Farmer’s Dog, a 100% human-grade dog food subscription service. You are the Senior Manager of Special Projects. Briefly explain to us your responsibilities in this role? The most accurate representation of my role over the years is depicted in High Growth Handbook by Elad Gill.  He had thisContinue reading “Q&A with The Farmer’s Dog’s Michael Goldman”