Q&A with Supernode Ventures’ Jenny Friedman

Jenny Friedman is the Co-founder & Managing Partner of Supernode Ventures, a pre-seed VC firm investing in entrepreneurs who help transform the way people live, work and socialize. Briefly introduce us to Supernode Ventures and how you came to found the firm.  I started my career at Goldman Sachs, working in investment management and gettingContinue reading “Q&A with Supernode Ventures’ Jenny Friedman”

‘Culture Shock’

An in-depth examination of the cultured meat industry, and why now is the time to invest. *Note, this post was originally written in late July 2020, and will constantly be iterated as I learn more about this awesome space. Cultured…What? To put it simply, cell-cultured (or cell-cultivated) meat are meat products that are identical atContinue reading “‘Culture Shock’”