Q&A with Imaginary Ventures’ Logan Langberg

Logan Langberg is a Principal at Imaginary Ventures, a consumer focused VC firm that has invested in brands such as Daily Harvest, Everlane, Keeps and SKIMS. Briefly introduce us to Imaginary Ventures and your journey to the firm? Imaginary Ventures is an early stage venture fund focused on all things consumer.  This ranges from consumerContinue reading “Q&A with Imaginary Ventures’ Logan Langberg”

Q&A with MUD/WTR’s Shane Heath

Shane is the Founder & CEO of MUD/WTR, an a mushroom-based coffee alternative. Briefly introduce us to MUD/WTR and your journey to founding the company. My background is in design. I was leading the design team for an early stage tech startup in Palo Alto, living in San Francisco, training jiu jitsu, painting and workingContinue reading “Q&A with MUD/WTR’s Shane Heath”

Q&A with Bond Pet Foods’ Rich Kelleman

Rich is the Co-founder & CEO of Bond Pet Foods, a pet food company using biotechnology to create food that’s nutritionally comparable to conventional meat but without all the bad stuff. Briefly introduce us to Bond Pet Foods and your journey to founding the company. At Bond, we are using biotechnology to make pet foodsContinue reading “Q&A with Bond Pet Foods’ Rich Kelleman”

Q&A with Chomps’ Pete Maldonado

Pete is the Co-founder of Chomps, a better-for-you meat snack. Briefly introduce us to Chomps and your journey to founding the company. Chomps started as a side hustle between my Co-founder Rashid [Ali] and I in 2012.  We were both seeing a growing demand for grass-fed beef, especially in the crossfit and paleo communities, asContinue reading “Q&A with Chomps’ Pete Maldonado”

Q&A with Joywell Foods’ Karen Huh

Joywell Foods is a food tech company using microbial fermentation to create healthier sweetener alternatives derived from exotic fruits. Briefly introduce us to Joywell Foods.  Joywell Foods is a food tech company that uses microbial fermentation to cultivate sweet proteins from exotic fruits and create alternative sweeteners that are orders of magnitude sweeter than sugar. Continue reading “Q&A with Joywell Foods’ Karen Huh”

Q&A with Pop Up Grocer’s Emily Schildt

Emily is the Founder of Pop Up Grocer, a traveling pop-up grocery store showcasing the most exciting new brands in CPG and food and beverage. Tell us how you came to found the Pop Up Grocer? I’ve worked in the CPG space, in food and beverage specifically, for the entirety of my career. And I’veContinue reading “Q&A with Pop Up Grocer’s Emily Schildt”

Q&A with M13’s Gautam Gupta

Gautum Gupta is a Partner at M13, a full service venture platform that leverages their operating expertise to help founding teams excel. Briefly explain to us your journey to M13? I just by luck started my career in venture capital working at General Catalyst.  I originally joined as an intern and then spent eight yearsContinue reading “Q&A with M13’s Gautam Gupta”

Q&A with Cann’s Jake Bullock

Jake is the Co-founder of Cann, a cannabis-infused social tonic that provides a refreshing social buzz without the baggage of alcohol. Briefly introduce us to Cann and your journey to founding the company. Cann is a microdose cannabis-infused beverage designed especially for social experiences.  Conventionally, alcohol has been the primary social beverage.  Cann is notContinue reading “Q&A with Cann’s Jake Bullock”

Q&A with New Age Meats’ Brian Spears

Brian is the Co-founder & CEO of New Age Meats, a cultured meat company that makes meat from animal cells instead of animal slaughter. Briefly introduce us to New Age Meats and your journey to founding the company.  New Age Meats is a cultivated meat company that makes meat without slaughter.  My background is inContinue reading “Q&A with New Age Meats’ Brian Spears”

‘Culture Shock’

An in-depth examination of the cultured meat industry, and why now is the time to invest. *Note, this post was originally written in late July 2020, and will constantly be iterated as I learn more about this awesome space. Cultured…What? To put it simply, cell-cultured (or cell-cultivated) meat are meat products that are identical atContinue reading “‘Culture Shock’”