Q&A with New Age Meats’ Brian Spears

Brian is the Co-founder & CEO of New Age Meats, a cultured meat company that makes meat from animal cells instead of animal slaughter. Briefly introduce us to New Age Meats and your journey to founding the company.  New Age Meats is a cultivated meat company that makes meat without slaughter.  My background is inContinue reading “Q&A with New Age Meats’ Brian Spears”

‘Culture Shock’

An in-depth examination of the cultured meat industry, and why now is the time to invest. *Note, this post was originally written in late July 2020, and will constantly be iterated as I learn more about this awesome space. Cultured…What? To put it simply, cell-cultured (or cell-cultivated) meat are meat products that are identical atContinue reading “‘Culture Shock’”