Q&A with Yumi’s Evelyn Rusli

Evelyn is the Co-founder of Yumi, a freshly made, organic plant-based subscription meal service for babies and toddlers. Briefly introduce us to Yumi and your journey to founding the company? Yumi is an early childhood nutrition program.  We offer food that is optimized for nutrient density and ship it directly to our customers’ doors.  Our food is freshly madeContinue reading “Q&A with Yumi’s Evelyn Rusli”

Q&A with Wild Earth’s Ryan Bethencourt

Ryan is the founder and CEO of Wild Earth, a clean protein, sustainable pet food company for dog lovers. Briefly introduce us to Wild Earth and your journey to founding the company.  Back in 2017, I was investing and building companies at IndieBio.  While there, I became obsessed with the idea of creating “the ImpossibleContinue reading “Q&A with Wild Earth’s Ryan Bethencourt”

Q&A with Ghia’s Melanie Masarin

Melanie is the founder and CEO of Ghia, a new age spirits-free apéritif with old world ingredients, flavor and heritage. Briefly introduce us to Ghia and your journey to founding the company? Ghia is a non-alcoholic aperitif, inspired by the Mediterranean and includes tasting notes of fine traditional Italian amaros. Ghia caters to people whoContinue reading “Q&A with Ghia’s Melanie Masarin”

Q&A with Coefficient Capital’s Anna Whiteman

Anna is a Vice President at Coefficient Capital, where she blends data and heuristics to invest in digitally powered consumer brands. Briefly introduce us to Coefficient Capital and your journey to the firm? Coefficient Capital is a $170M growth equity fund that typically leads Series A and Series B rounds for consumer startups.  Mainly, weContinue reading “Q&A with Coefficient Capital’s Anna Whiteman”

Q&A with OFFFIELD’s Tony Fur & Todd Hunter

Tony Fur & Todd Hunter are the Co-founders of OFFFIELD, A plant enhanced hydration mix for an open mind and an active life. Briefly introduce us to OFFFIELD and your journeys to founding the company. Todd and I [Tony] met while we started in the mailroom at CAA (everyone at CAA starts out in theContinue reading “Q&A with OFFFIELD’s Tony Fur & Todd Hunter”

Q&A with Behave’s Mayssa Chehata

Mayssa is the Founder of Behave, a better-for-you candy brand that wants to remove the guilt from indulgence. Briefly introduce us to Behave and your journey to founding the company.  Behave is a better-for-you candy brand.  Our products are low in sugar and don’t use any artificial ingredients, all without compromising on taste.  I hadContinue reading “Q&A with Behave’s Mayssa Chehata”

Q&A with Beam’s Matt Lombardi & Kevin Moran

Matt Lombardi and Kevin Moran are the Co-founders of Beam, a brand that creates high quality thc-free cbd products for a wellness-minded community. Briefly introduce us to Beam and your journeys to founding the company? Kevin and I [Matt] both went to Boston College; Kevin played baseball and I played hockey.  After school, we wentContinue reading “Q&A with Beam’s Matt Lombardi & Kevin Moran”

Q&A with Selva Ventures’ Kiva Dickinson

Kiva is the Co-founder and Managing Partner of Selva Ventures, a Venture Capital firm that invests in emerging brands that make their consumers’ lives better. Briefly introduce us to Selva Ventures and your journey to founding the firm? Selva Ventures is a Venture Capital firm with the mission of investing in brands that make theirContinue reading “Q&A with Selva Ventures’ Kiva Dickinson”

Q&A with Supernode Ventures’ Jenny Friedman

Jenny Friedman is the Co-founder & Managing Partner of Supernode Ventures, a pre-seed VC firm investing in entrepreneurs who help transform the way people live, work and socialize. Briefly introduce us to Supernode Ventures and how you came to found the firm.  I started my career at Goldman Sachs, working in investment management and gettingContinue reading “Q&A with Supernode Ventures’ Jenny Friedman”